Super Extreme Uno

A variant of Uno where all the cards matter.


Deal 7 cards to each player
The remaining cards form the Draw Pile, facedown on the table
The player to the left of the dealer flips and plays the top card in the Draw Pile
Turns start in a clockwise direction

The Cards

0 How the Turntables All players pass their hand to the next player in the current direction of play.
1 Everyone discards 1 Each player disards one card into the discard pile.
2 Pick Up Two This is considered the same card as a +2. Pick up two cards, or add two to the current stack.
3 Another Turn! Have another turn. There not much more to be said.
4 Reverse and Skip Reverse the direction of play and then skip the next player.
5 Push Back The player before you has a turn, but the direction of play stays the same.
6 6's and 9's Sixes and Nines! Everyone discards (optionally) their 6's and 9's.
7 The Ol' Switcheroo You must swap hands with another player. Normal Uno calling rules apply.
8 Pick 'em Up Pick up the Discard Pile. The next player must pick up the discard pile and their turn is skipped.
9 6's and 9's Sixes and Nines! Everyone discards (optionally) their 6's and 9's.

Unchanged Cards

Skip Skip This skips the next person.
Reverse Reverse Reverses the direction of play.
+2 Pick Up Two This is the same as a 2. Pick up two.
+4 Pick Up Four Pick up four and change the colour. This does not need to be the only card you can play.

Stacking Effects

Card effects stack with each other.
2, +2, and +4 all stack and increase the number of cards the next player must pickup. 8's stack but there is only one pile that is available to pick up.
These effects can be moved with a 3, 4, 5, skip, and reverse.

A few more things

Only one card may be played at a time, and cards must have the same symbol or colour as the one below it. A +2 and a 2 are considered the same symbol.
If a player can't or doesn't want to play then they must draw cards until they get a card they can play. They may choose not to play it.
If there are no cards left in the Draw Pile then shuffle the Play Pile into the deck - leave the most recently played card in the Draw Pile.
Player may leaves and join at any time. Their hands are discarded and redrawn each time.


The game is won when a player plays their last card into the Play Pile and it is not a black card. A player cannot discard their last card.