Super Ultra Extreme
Extreme Uno

A variant of Uno where all the cards matter.

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Deal 7 cards to each player.
Place the remaining cards face down on the table. This is the Draw Pile.
The starting player flips a card from the Draw Pile face up. This is now the Play Pile.
The Discard Pile is first created when a 1,6, or 9 is played.
Play starts in a clockwise direction.

Stacking Effects

There are two stackable effects. They can be pushed and moved around with 3, 4, 5, , or .

Pick Up cards (2, +2, +4) stack and increase the number of cards the next player must pickup.

Pick Up the Discards (8) stack.

The Cards

0 Everyone Switch All players pass their hand to the next player.
1 Everyone Discards 1 Each player must discard one card into the discard pile.
2 Pick Up Two Pick up two cards. Stacks with +2 and +4.
3 Another Turn! Have another turn. There's not much more to be said.
4 Reverse Skip Reverse the direction of play and then skip the next player.
5 Push Back The direction of play is reversed for one turn.
6 6's and 9's Everyone may discard their 6's and 9's.
7 Switch Hands Choose another player and switch hands with them.
8 Pick Up the Discards The next player picks up the discard pile and their turn is skipped.
9 6's and 9's Everyone may discard their 6's and 9's.
Skip This skips the next person.
Reverse Reverses the direction of play.
+2 Pick Up Two Pick up two cards. Stacks with 2 and +4.
+4 Pick Up Four Pick up four cards. Stacks with 2 and +2.
image/svg+xml Wild Choose the colour that this card represents. It can be any of the colours in play.

A few more things

  • Discarded cards are always discarded face up. A player may not discard their last card.
  • Only one card may be played per turn. Cards must have the same symbol or colour as the one below it. A +2 and a 2 are considered the same symbol.
  • +4 is a tricky card. The next player can play any 2, +2, +4 , 3, 4, 5, , or card of any colour to counter it. If the next player instead picks up, then the player who played the +4 chooses the colour.
  • If a player can't or doesn't want to play then they must draw cards until they get a card they can play. They may choose not to play it.
  • If there are no cards left in the Draw Pile then shuffle the Play Pile into the deck—leave the most recently played card in the Play Pile.
  • Players may leave or join at any time. Their hands are discarded and redrawn each time. Players may not abuse this rule.


The game is won when a player plays their last card into the Play Pile. The winning card cannot be a +4 or Wild. A player may not discard their last card.